You deserve pragmatic solutions to achieve the best results for your business but we also understand that your needs may change over time. That is why we will never tie you into lengthy commitments.

Every business is unique and that is why all documents and packages provided by Orchard Employment Law are bespoke. The legal advice you receive is specific to you rather than a one size fits all. 

Our packages are designed to give you the level of support your business needs at this point in time.

We offer the following solutions:
Micro Package

This is a touching base support option which allows you to have up to one hour of support via face to face, telephone, Skype or email each month. This is usually suitable for business with less than 5 employees who are fairly confident with managing staff but would like to be able to contact us to ensure they are doing things right.

This is a available on a 3 month rolling contract.


£125 per month

Medium Package

This support option is suitable for businesses which have a staff member with additional needs or business with between 4 - 20 members of staff. We provide up to two hours support each month via face to face, telephone, Skype or email. We also draft and review and HR letters to staff. This also includes Employment Contracts for existing and future staff.

This is a available on a 3 month rolling contract.

£250 per month

Super Package

With this support option you will receive everything in the Medium package with the option to roll over unused time.

This is a 12 month contract and combines a Handbook with at least 12 core policies. It also includes 1 on-site HR Meeting (eg Grievance, or capability meeting and an annual HR Employment Law Review, This is usually for business with a team of 20 - 50 staff.


£395 per month


Annual HR Employment Law Review - £375 (full review of current documentation and report provided on areas of concern or for improvement)

Bespoke Employment Contract - £125

Advanced Employment Contract - £250

Settlement Agreement - £695

Individual HR Policies - £150

Handbook - £1,200 12 policies (saving of £600)

Attendance and Follow-Up Report for on-site HR Meetings - £695 per meeting

Individual letters - £35

Advice per hour £149

Speaking events - starting from £250

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