Benefits of Using Orchard Employment Law

Our clients often say that they love working with us because we are a small firm. This means that you do not get passed from pillar to post,  we get to know our clients and you can be certain that you will receive consistency.


Our motto is, Clear, Uncomplicated, Advice and Support and we ensure that we give clear and uncomplicated advice and support.

  • We listen to your needs, we give advice and then we allow you to make your own commercial decisions once you have all the information you need.
  • We give you Breathe HR, this is an HR platform which allows you and your staff to access documents, monitor and record absence, book holidays and keep performance review records.
  • We do not use legal jargon (unless it is absolutely necessary, and if it is we always give an explanation)
  • We make sure that all staff attend training courses regularly so that we can be sure you are getting the most up to date current advice.
  • We use software to keep a record of all communication so that you do not have to explain yourself over and over again.
  • As a partner of Albion Legal, our clients can opt to purchase legal expenses cover which will pay us to continue advising and representing at the point where acas notify you that there is a potential dispute. This cover will also pay any settlement awards or tribunal awards.
  • We provide monthly newsletters and blogs as well as Employment Law updates as and when they arrive.
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